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Name:      Marco Wiedel (Manager)
Adress:     Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst
                Zum Külmitz 18 
                96264 Altenkunstadt

Fon:          09572 / 1567
Fax:          09572 / 5676
E-mail:      email@umwelt-kanal-wiedel.de

VAT ID.:        DE 224708500
Tax number:  230/197/09361


1. Contents of this on-line service package 

Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst does not guarantee that the information given is up-to-date, correct, or of suitable quality. Liability claims against Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst which are based on material or non-material damage caused by the use or failure to use the information given or through the use of erroneous or incomplete information are impossible as long as there is no proven fault or gross negligence on the part of Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst. All offers are non-binding and subject to change. Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst reserves the right to change, supplement or remove parts of the site or the complete service package offered or to withdraw the site temporarily or permanently without specific notice to this effect.

2. References and links
In the case of direct or indirect reference to other internet sites (“links”) which are outwith the responsibility of Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst, the last is only liable in cases where Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst was aware of the contents of the other site and in which it would have been technically possible and not unreasonable expensive for the company to have prevented use of the site in the case of its contents being unlawful. Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst states explicitly that, at the time of the inclusion of the links, no illegal contents were recognisable on the sites to which these links lead. Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst has no influence over the current of future format or contents of or copyright laws governing the sites to which it provides links. Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst therefore hereby disassociates itself with all contents of sites to which it provides links which have been changed since the link was included.  This applies to all links and references in its own internet site and well as others’ entries in the guest books, discussion forums, mailing lists etc. The site operator alone is liable for all illegal, erroneous or incomplete information and in particular damages resulting form the use or failure to use the information provided and complaints should thus be directed to him and not to him who merely refers to his site by providing links.

3. Copyright

Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst makes every effort to note the copyright for all graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts used in its site, to use company graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts or to use graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts not covered by copyright. All brand and product labels named on the site and protected by third parties are completely covered by the respective copyright and labelling law and the property rights of the respective owner registered. It cannot be assumed that a brand label is not protected by third party copyright merely because it is named. The copyright for published items or those created by Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst remains with Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst. Reproduction or use of such graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts in other electronic or printed publications is only permitted with the explicit permission of Wiedel Umwelt- und Kanaldienst.

4. Data protection
Insofar as it is possible to enter one’s personal or business details (e-mail address, name, postal address) into the website, this is done at the one’s own free will. All services offered may be used and paid for – insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable – without providing such details or by means of anonymised data or a pseudonym. 

5. Validity of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion clause is to be considered as part of the internet site which provides the link to his page. Should section of individual phrase of this text no longer or incompletely fulfil the relevant legal conditions, the rest of the text remains valid. 

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