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About us

For years, our company and its manager Mr Marco Wiedel have been actively involved in
working for the protection of the environment and natural resources and the implementation
of quality criteria in the field of sewer technology.

An important part of our company policy, moreover, is to actively include of our contract
initiators in the analysis of established damage points in the sewer system and the
subsequent drafting of repair plans.

We are an active member and apply the standards of the following associations
and quality management systems:

QM: Bavarian environmental pact
of the Bavarian Staatsministerium [ministry]
and Bavarian industry
ATV/DVWK: Standards in the field
of sewer technology
VDRK: The German Association of
Drain and Sewerage Cleaners

BDS/DGV: Association of self-employed
in Bavaria – regional cooperation

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